About CORE


Origin of CORE:

Summer 2016, two friends were discussing the increased use of public lands around Buena Vista, Colorado. This use had lead to several issues with trash, resource damage, and illegal long-term camping. These issues coupled with the 2015 PSI Lawsuit, which threatens to shut down up to 47% of public land in the Pike and San Isabel National Forests, led to the decision to organize a motorized advocacy group based our of Buena Vista. In the fall of 2016 Marcus Trusty and Brian Galyon officially formed and registered CORE with the State of Colorado. 

What we do:

CORE is a bit different from the traditional 4x4 club, and while we do get together and run trails many times, CORE was created specifically to be an action group. Enthusiasts from all over the U.S. visit Colorado to enjoy outdoor recreation, CORE is the eyes and ears of those users and we then give them a voice when interacting with land management agencies. We believe that our public lands road system is the common threat that holds all public land recreators together. CORE has formally adopted 14 trails, 7 in the Salida FS Ranger District and 7 in the Leadville FS Ranger District. We patrol these trails, clean up trash, fix resource damage and talk to users while out on the trail. We maintain a close working relationship with the Forest Service, BLM, local elected officials and other land use groups in our area. We advocate to keep our roads/trails open and provide solutions based information from a motorized and public land users perspective. We also attend several events during the year doing education, outreach, and many times we are trail leaders in direct contact with users. In addition to trail work, we also helped to found 14er Fest. This is a unique event held in Buena Vista each fall where users from all different interest levels get together to take part in a trail event focused on stewardship and leave no trace ethics. CORE made a big impact in 2017, totaling more than 1,500 volunteer hours. 

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How We Are Funded:

CORE is funded solely by member dues, business sponsorships, donations and trail grants. We are extremely thankful to all our members and sponsors for helping us continue to work on their behalf. If you would like to become a CORE member, visit our member page

About Us:


About Brian:

Brian is a full-time Overlander who decked out his Toyota 4x4 truck for self-reliant travel in the backcountry of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Traveling full-time with his furry companion, Sierra, Brian noticed trash scattered across the Public Lands he was visiting and decided to start cleaning it up on a daily basis to help keep nature pristine. Brian is currently a member of the Friends of Fourmile non-profit group and is finalizing a documentary film project with Pictures Heal based out of Boulder, CO. The documentary is entitled "Eyes Wide: Life on Simpler Terms" and will be released in the Fall of 2018. 


About Marcus:

Marcus is a third generation Buena Vista native who grew up bouncing around the mountains in the back of the family Jeep. Marcus and his wife, Lacee, own and operate Peak Fitness in Buena Vista. Marcus enjoys taking his family out and about in the Central Colorado Mountains Jeeping, fishing, hiking, trail mapping and camping. Marcus also volunteers by serving on the Town of Buena Vista Recreation Advisory Committee and the Economic Vitality Advisory Committee.