Sponsor your favorite trail! The 2018 trail season is in full swing and we have a new way for you to get involved with conservation efforts and trail maintenance. Our 15 adopted trails are listed below and to the left side of this page. Simply click on your favorite trail  and select the amount you'd like to contribute. We have increments of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100. Our goal is to raise $1,000 this season for each trail to fund weekly trash patrols, dispersed campsite clean-ups, trail repairs, and user group education/outreach.

Salida Ranger District

San Luis River Valley

Hayden Pass - FS 6

ST elmo area

Hancock Pass - FS 299

Hancock Lakes - FS 295

Tincup Pass - FS 267

Grizzly Lake - FS 296

Pomeroy Lakes - FS 297

Cottonwood Lake Basin 

Ptarmigan Lake - FS 349

Hope Gulch - FS 348

Mineral Basin - FS 344

Boreal Toad Patrol

Leadville Ranger District

Turquoise Lake Area

Hagerman Pass - FS 105

Halfmoon Area

Champion Mill - FS 110

South Halfmoon - FS 110J

Winfield, Rockdale, Clear Creek

Clohesy Lake - FS - 381

Lost Canyon - FS 398

Tennessee Pass Area

Slide Lake - FS 145

Fremont Pass Area

Chalk Mountain - FS 134