Introducing the CORE Response Team

Over the past year CORE has come a long way, and after our end of season meetings with the Forest Service and our own debrief, we have made it a point to up our level of organization. Over the past several months we have been approached by several individuals looking to get involved with projects. It's been incredible to see the outpouring of support, and people genuinely wanting to get involved to make a difference. Without having a centralized and direct way to communicate, we felt the need to standardize a system of reporting issues and a way to build a team willing to go out on work projects. To satisfy all of these needs, we created the CORE response Team. This concept will be put into action via our new Facebook group called the "CORE Response Team". 


This is a closed group and anyone can request membership. Once approved you will get notifications anytime we have a request for volunteers, projects or when another member posts information regarding trail issues on public lands in the Salida and Leadville FS Districts. 

The group description from this page is as follows: 

CORE Response Team Group Notification Page 

Please remember to turn on All Notifications for this group. This group is heavily moderated and the only notifications you will get will be for a work project, request for volunteers or an administrative update. 

The purpose of this page is to notify CORE of issues within the Salida and Leadville Forest Service Districts. If you come across a trail issue, we welcome you to post it here so a team can be assembled to deal with the issue. If you need to report an issue, while posting here is an acceptable way to reach us it is better to message our FB page or email us at 

When requesting assistance for a clean up, reporting a trail maintenance issue or reporting trail resource damage, please include specific location, contact information, trail issue and trail conditions. There is no fee for our assistance. We operate entirely on sponsorships, grants, donations and membership dues. Please visit our Facebook page, and our website for more information about getting involved, as well as how we operate.

**Please note, if posts/comments are off-topic and deviate from the stated goal above, they will be removed.**

We are really excited about this as it will be a way to organize our own work projects and a way we can assist our partners in the area with their projects. Not from the area, but want to stay updated on the work CORE is doing? Join the group! Not a CORE member but want to volunteer for projects? Join the group! This will be a great way to keep up to date with all the upcoming projects and activity. We were also amazed at how many different groups were willing to participate in our projects. This will also give us the opportunity to highlight their work.

We would also like to thank Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery. They have been supportive of CORE, and their board of directors has been a tremendous resource. Their operate statewide and have a tremendous system in place to organize recoveries. Check out their page.