Grizzly Lake Trail Work

At the start of the 2017 trail season, CORE was contacted mid-June this year by several groups notifying us of several trees down on our Grizzly Lake Trail. We were scheduled to participating in the Set Them Free rally July 1st and 2nd, so the trail needed to be cleaned up and open ASAP. We assembled several CORE members and headed out early June 25th to clean things up. We trimmed trees hanging into the trail at the first creek crossing, the worst part, and then all along the trail up to the lake. The first avalanche chute required removal of several trees that had been laid across the by a large avalanche during the winter. Several additional trees were across the trail as it winds through the dark timber just before the lake. These were large enough to require vehicles to move out of the road once cut. Our group was rewarded with unbelievable weather and views at the lake. We relaxed for most of the early afternoon before returning home. Thanks to our dedicated CORE members for helping with the work day, we couldn't do it without you!