Set Them Free Rally

We were fortunate enough to attend, and help, with the Set Them Free rally this year based at the Poncha Springs Fairgrounds. The rally was held July 1st and 2nd. Set Them Free is working to end human trafficking globally. You can find more info on their website, They host a large Off Road rally every year to bring awareness and raise money for their cause. We had a booth at the event and handed out stickers and info about CORE. We got to hit the trails both days as we helped tail-gun for groups on Iron Chest and Tincup Pass. Saturday on the Iron Chest trail ride there were 23 vehicles that ended up on the trip. We were a little nervous about so many vehicle, but were pleasantly surprise as we didn't meet another party going up or down the trail. There was still a little bit of snow up near the top, and it was apparent the trail had not been open long. We identified several areas for maintenance to be done later this summer, we are also working to adopt this trail with the County Commissioners. 

Sunday we helped to tail-gun for the Tincup Pass trip. The pass was still covered in snow at the top, so it make for an out and back trip. The weather was beautiful and we had a smaller group of 11 vehicles, which made the trip relaxing. We did take several photos and send them to the FS at the top of Tincup where several side-by-sides had gone off the trail and around the snow drifts. Remember to always stay on the trail no matter what, and if the trail is not passable, park and walk or turn around. 

We worked with several of the guys from Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery during the weekend and we are fortune to have their support of CORE. You can find more info on them at: