South Halfmoon - FS 110J

This trail will take you through a few creek crossings and all the way up to Iron Mike Mine. The first creek crossing is fairly simple, and can be performed in a stock SUV with some clearance and 4 wheel drive. Immediately after the second creek crossing is the most difficult obstacle of this trail. According to the current MVUM (motor vehicle usage map), continuing past this waypoint, is not authorized by motor vehicle. As of now, there are no gates prohibiting travel to the Iron Mike Mine. But according to the Leadville Ranger District this could happen in 2017. After this main obstacle there are a few mildly rocky sections, and the final accent to the mine is hard packed dirt with rocks 6"-10". There is room to turn around at the mine.

Technical rating: (4-6) Easy-Moderate

Quite rocky or deep ruts. Rocks to 12" and frequent. Water crossings may exceed hub depth with strong currents. Shelves to 6". Mud may require checking before proceeding. Moderate grades to 20 degrees. Sidehill may approach 30 degrees. 4WD necessary and second attempts may be required with stock vehicles. Caution may be required with wider vehicles.